Ice Zirkonia Single  Custom Abutment

Prettau Zirkonia Single  Custom Abutment

Parallel Ice Zirkonia Single  Custom Abutment(for the bridge)

Parallel Prettau Zirkonia Single  Custom Abutment(for the bridge)

Custom Titanium abutment

Prettau Zirconia Cement Retained

Prettau Zirkonia Full Contour Cement Retained  Crown - (Finished-Stain & Glaze)

Prettau Zirkonia Full Contour Cement Retained  Crown - Buccaly Layered (Posteriors)

Prettau Zirkonia Full Contour Cement Retained  Crown - Facially Layered (Anteriors)

Prettau Zirconia Screw Retained

Prettau Zirconia Full Contour Screw Retained Crown (Finished-Stain & Glaze)

Prettau Zirkonia Screw  Retained  Crown - Buccaly Layered (Posteriors)

Prettau Zirkonia  Screw Retained Crown-Facially Layered (Anteriors)

Composite Restoration




Maryland Bridge

Anodizing-Titanium Abutments

Prettau Bridge with Tissue

Duplicate Acrylic Bridge in Zirconia

Preparatory Work

Diagnostic Waxup

Night Splint/Brux Splint

Implant Verification Jig

Custom tray

Reduction Coping



Shaded (Stained and Glazed)




PMMA Provisional

Prototype frame fabrication from Lab. diagnostic

PMMA - (Shaded-One color)

PMMA - (Shaded -One color)-Hybrid Unit

PMMA - (Tri-Color Layered)

PMMA - (Tri-Color Layered)-Hybrid Unit

Supporting Bar


CAD/CAM Center

CAD / CAM Center

CAD – CAM technology
Computers and new technologies have become indespensable parts of our everyday life today, and it was only a question of time when such a reversal would appear in dental medicine.
Without CAD/CAM technology today it is very difficult to imagine the top teeth restorations.

What does CAD/CAM mean?
CAD/CAM is an abbreviation of English words computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture, in other words design supported by computer and computer supported manufacture of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
CAD/CAM means for you that your tooth restoration, from the beginning to the end, makes a computer- guided high precise equipment.

CAD – CAM technology in our milling centre we make metal free ceramic teeth restorations of micron precision, applaying the world`s most developed CAD/CAM technologies, in incredibly short time.
Depending on case, we make patients` teeth restorations within two or four days. With the help of CAD/CAM technology our restorations can retrive their radiant beauty and function.

With CAD/CAM technology a dentist can renew the patients tooth with biocompatible material of excellent characteristics, which surpasses all up till now used materials.

- simply
- quickly
- satisfactorily and precisely

Material which we use in the CAD/CAM technology is the most high quality zircon. It replaces metal, namely, metal constructions (gold, titan and other alloys) which were formely used under ceramics. Zircon is firm, dimensionally stable and biocompatible material, it is easy to process and gives perfect aesthetic and function.


The best device for our partners!

In our lab we use CAD/CAM system M1 - unique devices made in the company Zirkonzahn in Italy, which consist of sofisticated software, intraoral 3D scanner (camera) and completely automatic machine for milling, for the production of high precision prosthetic restorations in a very short time with quality that satisfies the highest standards of our profession.



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